A Deaf business that employs Deaf staff to support Deaf adults with learning disabilities.  To support them to live as independently as possible and be included in the deaf  and wider community.

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About us

Homelife is a social care organisation that is regulated by the CQC.  We provide supported living for Deaf  adults with learning disabilities to enable them to live in their own home; with the support they need to live a normal life as part of the local community and wider Deaf community.  Our sister organisation is called Openspace, it is a day centre which supports people enjoy and learn through discussion, activities and art/crats.

Homelife is proud to be a Deaf company! Deaf owned with Deaf staff that supports Deaf people (we do have a couple of hearing folks to answer the phones and provide communication support but they can all sign fluently).


Respect - Treat people fairly in a way that we would expect to be treated


Equality & Inclusion – This requires us to respect the rights of others who are different from ourselves.  


Rights & Responsibilities – Be aware of our rights/responsibilities and support others to be aware of theirs


Communication & Confidentiality – Effective communication is vital to the success and consistency in our work.  We must always be aware of the boundaries set by confidentiality and abide by the law


Edward Pollard worked in care supporting people with learning disabilities and mental health needs for over 20 years.  He saw first hand the struggle that deaf people in care face without access to communication.  Having staff who couldn’t communicate with them left people more vulnerable and isolated and at risk of worsening mental health.  This gave him the idea to set up a home specially for deaf people, so he linked up with a local businessman and the first home, Manor Lodge was born.  It opened in 2003 as a residential care home and grew to support ten people in a fully deaf environment.


The company changed direction in 2008 to become a Supported Living provider to encourage choice, control and community inclusion.  We also changed name to Homelife (Leeds) Ltd.


In 2012 we created Openspace, our day service in Beeston.  A creative environment with sign language at the heart of everything we do.


In 2018 we re-located our head office and Openspace to the Deaf Centre in Leeds to help us be closer integrated with the Deaf community in Leeds.  

Our Future

Our priority has always been and always will be to form a central part of the local deaf community and support people with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues.   This will never change.  We will focus on care in our existing environments, we may even look into additional ways to support people locally or look further afield into new towns and cities but supporting Deaf people will always be our goal.

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