A Deaf business that employs Deaf staff to support Deaf adults with learning disabilities.  To support them to live as independently as possible and be included in the deaf  and wider community.

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Working for Homelife

Being a care worker – what it’s really like

Support workers help people with different daily living tasks e.g. shopping, housework, laundry, meals and helping with personal care needs.  You will help with letters, paperwork and managing personal affairs.  You will also develop peoples wellbeing by supporting them to access hobbies, activities, holidays and the things that make life satisfying and enjoyable.


Personal care means giving intimate support and can include helping people to wash or dress, use the toilet or shower.  It can mean helping people to take medication or manage incontinence.  To be clear this can be challenging.  The important thing is to give the person we support respect and dignity.  Most of the people we support manage their own personal care but it is an area of the job that will be required.


Rewarding work

Why are we telling you this? We want to be clear about your expectations and the things you will do in your job.  Care work can be one of the most rewarding jobs anyone can do.  You will have the opportunity to make a difference to someone's life, to make them happy and enjoy life.  You can bring peace of mind to families and feel re-assured that their loved ones are well looked after.  You can give hope, company, a kind word and a cup of tea.  Even the small things make a difference.


At the end of a hard day, you will sleep well knowing that your actions make a difference to somebody's life.

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We would love to hear from you if you are able to communicate using sign language and are keen to work in care.  We are always looking for the right kind of people so send us an e-mail to [email protected] and let us know you are looking for work.  We will arrange to meet with you and hold an interview.