A Deaf business that employs Deaf staff to support Deaf adults with learning disabilities.  To support them to live as independently as possible and be included in the deaf  and wider community.

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The people who use our service are people with personal / communication support needs arising from pre /post lingual deafness and in some cases a learning disability or and mental health problems, We provide long and short term support to enable people to maximise their independence.  The service is reviewed on a regular basis with users and their carers to ensure the services continue to be appropriate.

Respite support for families and carers.

If you are being supported by a family member or friend and they wish to take a break, we can take care of your support needs for a defined period of time at Openspace our Learning and Support Centre.


Community activities, Outings, Shopping trips , Attending clubs and groups on an evening.

Whether it be a quick trip to Asda to buy your grocerys or a shopping spree in Leeds, your support worker can accompany you and assist with all aspects of your communication needs throughout the day we can also provide support if you need assistance to attend a friends group or club on an evening.




We can offer half day or fullday support at our learning and support centre Openspace or up to full 24hrs support within our supported living scheme's. The following areas are examples of our support on  a daily or full support basis.

Attending day centres , college ,university.

Your support worker can attend classes / lectures with you and support you with the things you may have difficulties with i.e. writing notes, reading etc.



We can provide support with all your Health need appointements so you clearly understand what is required regarding medication or medical appointements.

As well as being your personal communication worker we can assist you to make medical or hospital appointements and attend those appointments with you so you are clear about what is said and required and assist you in understanding any medication you may be prescribed.



General BSL communication support and help with day to day needs.

Our support worker will be with you to help with your personal care and communication needs. Help you with bathing / showering, dressing, cooking,  cleaning, medications,financial support i.e. paying bills and any other communication support you may require.









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