A Deaf business that employs Deaf staff to support Deaf adults with learning disabilities.  To support them to live as independently as possible and be included in the deaf  and wider community.

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How to access our support services.....

When you identify you need a carer or support , you are able to  approach Homelife Leeds Ltd directly and we will assist you in identifying how and when you may require support. Alternatively, you may have been referred to us by your local social services department from which you initially sought help and identified the level of support needed.  In either case, information about you which is passed to us will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.  


Before providing any services, we will need to talk with you if you are the person who is going to be receiving the service, with our communication support manager or perhaps with your carer and with the social worker allocated to secure your support needs .  

At the very outset, we need to be sure that the services we provide are going to be suitable for you and that we can clearly communicate with you. So we understand at what level you communicate we will then undertake a specialist communication assessment which will give us all the information to ensure our support staff understand how to communicate effectively with you.


Assessing your needs.

If someone comes to us from a social services department, perhaps a local authority care manager or a social worker they may have carried out an assessment of needs which will indicate what support you may need and what level of funding the local authority is able to pay towards your support and what changes may be needed in your own home  to ensure the support  is going to meet your needs.  A summary of this information, usually called a needs assessment, will have been passed to us. We use this assessment alongside our communication assessment to determine how to support you more effectively.


If you have approached us directly, we will need to make an assessment ourselves.  To do this we will need to ask you quite a lot of questions, and probably seek information from your carer, your doctor, and any other specialists who know about your health and support needs with your permission. The assessment will be carried out by our specially trained staff.





 Homelife Leeds Ltd, C/O Leeds Society For Deaf & Blind People, St. Marys Street, Leeds, LS9 7DP    

Tel:- 0113 249 1295 , Mobile text only: 07817282826 , Email:- Homelifedc@hotmail.co.uk



On the other hand, you retain your independence and many people find that, on balance, a measure of risk is worthwhile.  Nevertheless, we want to be sure that everybody concerned understands the risks and has thought about them responsibly and that the risks to be taken are not unreasonable or unnecessary.  So, with you, we carry out a risk assessment, weighing up the risks to be taken with the advantages, and if it seems appropriate, we might make suggestions as to how unnecessary risks can be minimized.The company will do a comprehensive health and safety assessment when entering a service users own home and will document  anything they see that support staff need to be made aware of.

All staff will receive appropriate training on an on-going basis to represent the changing needs of the service users.


How to get care and support from your local authority explained in british sign language in the NHS vidoe below just click on the button.

Our Quality Assurance measures

We are always keen to provide the best possible service and to do this we continually check on what we are doing, We have

formal supervisions with our staff members and have to meet quality assurance guidelines set by local authorities funding our clients.


Our quality Assurance involves:-


a)   Regular supervision meetings between each care worker and their line manager with annual appraisals to

     monitor work performance and identify training needs / personal development.

b)   An annual visit to the service by a local authority contracts manger and CQC to monitor the service we are providing and to ensure

     we provide a value for money service to the client we support.

c)   An annual survey of service provision, and where appropriate, our clients social workers , relatives or representatives and outside

     agencies that may link with our service  to seek their views and opinions on the quality of service being provided.